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[i]I love to search on the internet for affordable flights, holidays, hotels and accommodations. I have been doing this for almost fifteen years now for the people in my surroundings. If my friends or family are planning a holiday, I am always the first one they come to when they want to find out what is the cheapest or best option.
[i]When I search for your best option, I play close attention to your wishes. I believe that the cheapest option is not always the best one, as it might not fit your wishes. Therefore, I take all your demands into account when selecting which holiday is the best for you. When I make a suggestion for your travels, you are therefore guaranteed that I have found the most fun, beautiful or useful holiday in your price range.
I also love traveling myself, which is how I came to know that searching for the perfect  holiday might take long, but is definitely worth the search! My favorite island to visit is La Palma, a place that I have fallen in love with several years ago. Wherever I go, I make sure that I do not pay too much for my flight (I have saved hundreds of Euros by figuring this out for myself) and that I do not choose a hotel in a crowded place. I have had the most beautiful and serene holidays, staying at rented houses with a big yard, and I hope to deliver these great holidays to you.

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Proposals by Ellen F.
Type Description Rating Reward
Free-form question star star star star $91.68
Free-form question Unrated $45.84
Returning flight from Frankfurt (FRA) to Shanghai (PVG) Unrated $5.55
Flight from Schiphol to New Orleans Unrated $67.85
Fly from Nederland to Ibiza with stay in any accommodation type Unrated $45.84
Free-form question Unrated $18.34
Flight from Brussel (BRU) to Brussel (BRU) star star star star $33.00
Hotel in Praag Unrated $18.34
Hotel in Italie star $136.61
Free-form question Unrated $10.00
Free-form question Unrated $15.59
Returning flight from Amsterdam (AMS) to Recife (REC) Unrated None
Hotel in Italie star $136.61
Own transportation from Amsterdam to Hamburg with stay in Apartment star star star $38.51
Returning flight from Brussels (BRU) to Stockholm (all airports) (STO) star star star star $17.42